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12 Pack 16”x24” Waffle Weave Towels

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Absorbent and Lightweight. The Microfiber Waffle Towel absorbs up to seven times its weight in water, drying everything in its path. It leaves a streak-free shine on glassware, silverware, and stainless steel and can also be used on countertops and dishes. When you're done, simply wring it out and hang it up for fast drying. 

Doubles-Up as a Scratch-Free Scrubber. The Microfiber Waffle Towel can be used as a scrubbing cloth when wiping over countertops. Caked-on food splatter removes easily without scratching surfaces. And the best part is, it works with just water. 

Launder it Hundreds of Times. Conventional kitchen towels can wear out fast, whereas the Microfiber Waffle Towel can be laundered twice as often, saving you money on replacing your towels.

Say "Goodbye" to Toxic Chemicals. Manufactured using Variant Surface Technology, where the fabric is sewn with over-lock stitching, the Microfiber Waffle Towel works effectively with just water. Wipe, scrub, and dry without the need for chemicals. Out with the cheap, toxic, and ineffective, and in with the 16" x 24" Microfiber Waffle Towel.


Use the Microfiber Waffle Towel to clean, dry, and scrub every surface in your kitchen and bathroom without scratching. From countertops to dishes, glassware, silverware, and even your appliances, the Microfiber Waffle Towel does it all and does it better than others.


Quickly clean, absorb, and disinfect your home, from counters to cupboards. Clean and dry surfaces with the Microfiber Waffle Towel and a disinfectant spray, and leave no germ behind. 


The Microfiber Waffle Towel is made from high-grade microfiber that can be washed and used hundreds of times. They'll outlast any other towels on the market.

Product Details


The Microfiber Waffle Weave Dish Towels are perfect for the home. 

Just like the all the other Microfiber Wholesale products I use, these are must-haves to absorb moisture and clean surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom.

Each towel holds up to seven times its weight in water, and is a large 16"x 24" in size, so you can clean and dry faster and for longer.

The waffle weave gives the towels texture so you can also scrub with little effort, using just water, and the fabric is scratch-free, so it's safe to use on delicate surfaces.

And, as always, these towels can be easily washed in your washing machine and hung up where they will dry quickly.

Use them on countertops, dishes, and appliances for that dry, polished, and streak-free finish.

Comes in a pack of 12.

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Returns are free to our US customers, however, if this program is misused or overused by the same customer, they may be responsible for shipping and restocking fees.The best part is there’s no time limit on returns as long as they are still in sealed and unused packaging. As mentioned, returns before 60 days will receive a full refund. Returns after 60 days will receive store credit.

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12 Pack 16”x24” Waffle Weave Towels