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24 Pack 16”x16” Microfiber Towels

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ITEM NUMBER: MT1616-Blue-24
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Meet the absorbent, versatile, multi-use microfiber towel of your dreams. The 16"x16" Buff® Pro Multi-Surface Microfiber Towel is a best-seller and for a good reason.


These towels withstood the test of excessive laundering. After 250 washes, they upheld their appearance and only lost 8% absorbency compared to brand new towels.


While generic brand microfiber towels contain 100% polyester with microfiber woven into it, the 16"x16" Buff® Pro Multi-Surface Microfiber Towel is manufactured with microfiber blended into the base fabric. This results in more microfiber, and more bang for your buck.


Generic microfiber towels are usually between 250 and 300GSM (grams per square meter). Whereas these towels are 320GSM, meaning they're thicker, softer, and more absorbent.


Using a disinfectant with the 16"x16" Buff® Pro Multi-Surface Microfiber Towel is your best defense against bacteria and germs. Using them together means you'll remove almost 100% of germs.  


The great thing about the 16"x16" Buff® Pro Multi-Surface Microfiber Towel is that it can be used on virtually any surface for any purpose. Cleaning, drying, and polishing are all effortlessly achievable with the 16"x16" Buff® Pro Multi-Surface Microfiber Towel.

Product Details


The 16”x16” Buff™ Pro Multi-Surface Towel is a staple in my cleaning arsenal. These towels are, hands down, the best microfiber towels on the market—believe me.

They're designed for cleaning professionals and clean freaks alike. They're softer, more absorbent, more durable, and longer lasting than other all-purpose towels on the market.

The terry-type microfiber is also lint-free, despite having a ton of split fibers woven from a polyester/polyamide blend. The fibers allow you to clean and scrub til your heart's content, without scratching surfaces or wearing out. And the fibers trap and hold onto dust particles and liquids so easily.

Unlike other towels, these have four-thread overlock stitching, which improves the longevity and durability.

Use them on glass, mirrors, countertops, automotive finishes, coarse and textured surfaces—just about everywhere!

Uses: There's a reason why this is my favorite product in my kit. It can be used on almost any surface for any purpose, and it does it better than other products.

Use them dry to collect dust and debris. For any science nerds out there... the fibers are positively charged, which acts as a magnet for negatively charged dust and dirt.

Use them damp to scrub and clean. These towels work so well to remove dirt, even without chemicals. All you need is water.

They're a generous 16"x 16"—they're huge. So you can clean, dry, and polish quickly and effectively.

Method: Because these towels are so large, you can fold them in half a couple of times when using them, so you get eight uses out of one towel. And it comes in a pack of 24, so you won't need to launder your towels too often. 

The best way to use the 16”x16” Buff™ Pro Multi-Surface Towel is dry for dusting, damp for cleaning and scrubbing, and dry for polishing.

Provided you take care of your towels, they could potentially last you years and years.

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