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Glass & All-Purpose Towel Combo

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Glass, mirrors, and stainless steel just got easier to keep clean with the Microfiber Glass Cleaning Pack. This two-step process is a match made in cleaning heaven and requires absolutely zero chemicals, soaps, and sprays to achieve a streak-free shine. 

Step One 

The Buff® Pro Multi-Surface Microfiber Towels are a best-selling must-have in your cleaning arsenal. They can be used on almost any surface for any purpose, but in this case, they're for glass, mirrors, and stainless steel.

Simply wet the towel until it's damp, and use a side-to-side motion, from top to bottom, to wipe the surface. This towel picks up any traces of fingerprints, oil-based soils, and other unknown debris lurking on the surfaces. 

Step Two

The Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloths are where the magic really happens. Using it dry with the same side-to-side motion, wipe over the freshly cleaned surface to reveal a polished finish.

Size does matter

When it comes to cleaning, size really does matter. 

The microfiber towels are a generous 16"x16"—much larger than standard microfiber towels—giving you more surface area to clean with.

They're also made with more fibers, or grams per meter (GSM), than regular towels, to absorb liquid and spills quicker than you can say "clean that up!"

Product Details


This pack is a combo of two of my most-used and loved products.

Method (How they work): These are the only cleaning combo you need to keep glass, mirrors, and stainless steel clean and sparkling.

  1. Dampen the green microfiber towel so it's wet, but not dripping.

  2. Clean the glass with the damp green cloth, paying attention to soils and smudges.

  3. Using the blue lint free cloth, polish the glass before it dries. This step is crucial to achieving a streak-free finish. 

That's all it takes. No chemicals, no soaps or sprays. Just water and microfiber.

You can also use the microfiber towels to clean your entire home from the walls, counters, and baseboards. They're a terrific must-have multi-use towel every home should have.


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Love it !

Perfect size towels and great quality!